Hello all!

woohoopoopoo.com and Mr. Face will be four years old as of December 21st.

I want to thank all of the readers, viewers, and fans throughout the years.

I want to deliver more content, and will no matter what.

However, I will be more prone to post more comics sooner if I get financial support on patreon.com.


My username is “byron seventh” on Patreon and Facebook

I am “lordbyrontheseventh” on Reddit and Instagram

I am “byrondachemist” on Twitter


You’re awesome, and I am too


Add me as a friend, throw a buck my way if you can


In other news, I am working on a children’s book I intend to have done and (hopefully) released by 2020.

The book is called “Further,” it rhymes, and is about aliens and evolution.


Alrighty then, players.  Later, gators.


Much Love.

All Love.

One Love.



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